William P. Hutchins

Holy Innocents Church
Holy Innocents Church, Sheraden

William P. Hutchins is not one of our most celebrated architects, but he did give the Catholics in Pittsburgh some distinguished buildings. Perhaps he ought to be more celebrated than he is. An article about St. James Church in Wilkinsburg, reprinted from an old feature in the Tribune-Review, gives us some more information about him. He was born in 1883 and died in 1941; the main part of his career seems to have spanned the last twenty years of his life. He worked primarily in the Gothic style, but his version of that style evolved from more traditional Gothic to a streamlined almost modernist Gothic exemplified by Resurrection Church in Brookline.

Resurrection Church

Resurrection Church, Brookline

That same article gives us a list of buildings designed by Hutchins; some of the listings are misspelled, and several of the locations are identified only as “Pittsburgh.” We have done our best to correct the mistakes and identify the neighborhoods.

Building Year
St. Veronica’s Parish School, Ambridge 1923
Holy Innocents Church, Sheridan 1924
St. Brendan’s School and Convent, Braddock 1924
Sacred Heart School, Emsworth 1925
St. Joseph’s Church, Coraopolis 1925
Mother of Good Council (Counsel?) School, Homewood? 1927
St. Francis Xavier, Brighton Heights 1927
St. Ursula’s Church, Allison Park 1928
St. Canice Rectory, Knoxville 1929
St. James’ Church, Wilkinsburg 1930
St. John the Baptist, Monaca 1930
St. Agatha’s Church, Bridgeville 1931
St. Mary of Mercy Church, Downtown 1936
All Saints’ Church, New Kensington 1939
Church of the Resurrection, Brookline 1939
St. John’s School, Uniontown 1939
Father Sigmund Memorial Hall, Toner Institute, Brookline 1941
St. Francis Xavier Church
St. Francis Xavier Church, Brighton Heights

St. Mary of Mercy Church, downtown

St. Mary of Mercy Church, Downtown
St. Canice Rectory
St. Canice Rectory, Knoxville

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